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The Aquifer Content Management System is a robust, out-of-the-box application that allows business users to control and maintain your web presence without the assistance of programmers or technical resources.  In order to achieve this, Aquifer comes loaded with features that your average business user is capable of performing without weeks of training.  The information below highlights many of the systems features.

Pages and Site Structure

  • Non-technical page creation allows business users to manage pages through a friendly wizard based interface
  • Business users can add pages and even top-level sections to a site based on business need, not budgetary constraints
  • Easily share content across pages and sites
  • Page preview allows you to preview content and pages as they will look in production before they publish

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  • Out-of-the-box with 14 different content types:
    Bio, Calendar, Case Study, Contact Info, FAQ, HTML, Job Opening, News, Press Release, Quick Links, Script, Testimonial, Text, Whats New
  • Intelligent WYSIWYG Editor enforces integrity of your design and helps maintain consistency across sites and pages
  • Spell Check and Thesaurus
  • Quick Editor Loading becuase it does not require downloading of any plug-ins, ActiveX Components or Java Applets
  • Versioning allows you to revert back to older versions of content or files
  • Recycle library allows you to recover deleted content or files

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  • Configurable workflow allows business requirements to dictate approval process
  • Email notifications alert users when content, files or pages move through the workflow
  • Workflow integrates with system security to centralize management of security and workflow

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  • Three security models to choose from based on your requirements (Active Directory, Windows NT 4 or Aquifer Database)
  • Centralized management of Users and Groups
  • Integration with IIS Challenge/Response allows single sign on in many configurations
  • Granular Security allows unlimited flexibilty in setting up and managing permissions
  • Multilevel security applies to all aspects of data including pages, content, and files
  • Information and pages supressed based on a users permissions

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  • Schedule appearance and expiration of pages and content
  • Navigation updates itself in real-time as items are published and expire
  • Real-time update of pages, content and templates
  • Personalized page display based on security profile

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  • Template based system enforces the integrity of the design by separating design from pages and content
  • Site redesigns are a cinch with the Assign feature that allows administrators to quickly and easily give sites a face-lift
  • Flexible menu options allow designers to create and customize site navigation easily

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