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Implementation of any robust content management solution often involves integration of third-party applications.  Aquifer was designed from the ground up to handle this task as unobtrusively as possible.  The Aquifer development team engineered four distinct ways of integrating third-party applications:
  1. The Aquifer API is a set of application programming interfaces which can be utilized to draw the Aquifer generated web site around a third party application.  In addition, the Aquifer API can be used to integrate the backend of the third party application into the Aquifer administration console.  Thus, giving the end user one interface to learn for all web applications.

  2. The custom scripts content type can be used to wrap the Aquifer generated web site around third party applications.  This is a standard out-of-the-box content type within the Aquifer content management system.  This ability offers the end user a wide variety of capabilities.

  3. Frames may be utilized whenever an ISV will not release it's code base or does not supply an API.

  4. Creating an Aquifer page that links to an external application is an out-of-the-box feature and can be easily accomplished using the administration console.

We work tirelessly to make Aquifer CMS the premier content management system on the market today.  A good portion of that effort goes into the integration of third party applications.  The Aquifer CMS Technical Team has a wealth of experience at integrating third-party applications.  Putting a strategy in place for integration of third-party applications often requires detailed information about the applications requiring integration.  The Aquifer CMS technical team is here to assist at any and all levels of integration.

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