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Many web initiative include some portion of custom application development.  Although the Aquifer content management system is more than robust enough to handle the majority of web related requirments, many companies desire a custom piece.  As an example, The Houston Zoo chose Aquifer to manage their public web site.  The web site included FAQ's, calanders, news articles and much more.  What was missing was a searchable animal database.  The Houston Zoo knew that in order to become the premier resource for zoological information they needed some means to place animal specific information on their site.  They asked their Aquifer CMS technical team to build a custom application that would integrate with the Aquifer generated web site and utilized the Administration console as the backend.  The Aquifer CMS technical team built a robust application that is used in several areas of The Houston Zoo web site.

Our Aquifer CMS technical team includes a staff of programmers with years of experience in a wide variety of disiplines.  Each programmer has acheived a minimum of a Masters degree in information technology.  In addition, our programmers are employees of the company, not contractors.  We follow strict guidelines when developing custom applications and whenever possible we write our own routines so to minimize the use of third party tools.  In addition, we place documentation high on our list of duties when handling development projects.  Each project file includes in-line documentation so that our end users can decipher the logic of our code.

We regularly consult with our clients on their software needs, develop scope of work statements, not-to-exceed estimates, project plans, and status reporting tools.  We have developed custom software for Oasis Pipeline, National Oilwell, "Locke, Liddell & Sapp", Baylor College of Medicine, Integrated Electrical Services, Haliburton and many more.

For further information concerning Aquifer CMS custom development please contact us at 713-521-9574 or toll free at 877-806-1274.  You can also email at

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