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We are proud of our relationships with our partner resellers and we encourage you to join us.  If you fit into the design or the content partner category and would like to discuss a reseller agreement further, let us know.

We work hard with our partners to present a seamless relationship to the client, providing all the necessary consulting services to enable our partner to confidently represent the product and surrounding suite of services to the client.  We provide marketing materials, assessment tools, consulting services, software demos, and a reseller fee.  Click here to download a pdf document to learn more about our reseller plan.

Design Partners
The Aquifer team partners with many design companies across the United States.  Our design partners identify potential clients for whom Aquifer is a good fit.  We then work together with our Design Partner to craft a proposal that meets the client's design and content management requirements.

We have a special graphic-design niche since Aquifer is so design-friendly.  The application can be effectively and fully utilized by "smart-but-not-so-technical" resources.

Content Partners
In addition to our design partners, we also have content partners.  These partners identify content managment opportunities with potential clients through the content avenue.  These partners either have graphic designers in house, have clients who already contract for this service, or want recommendations from us.  We can accommodate any of these scenarios.

The content partner has as its strong point the ability to organize and produce web site content and needs a relationship with a professional content management provider.  Aquifer fits this category perfectly since all content management functions are user-based leaving the content provider to focus on the content instead of learning the tool.

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