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This page contains several Aquifer resources available for download.  These resources are all simple documents and tools to assist our clients, potential clients, and design partners in making some determinations critical to content management.

Does my company really need a content management system?
This pdf document offers a simple assessment tool and process for helping companies determine whether or not they need a CMS.  A simple yet elegant tool, this survey will tell you in minutes whether or not you should be pursuing content management for your company.  Click here to download the survey and process document.

Content management system features comparison matrix.
All right, so you have decided your organization should be considering a content management system.  We believe AquiferCMS should be one of the tools you consider, but we understand you want to look at several.  How will you compare them?  We have created this simple features comparison matrix to assist you in this effort.  The comparison matrix is available in two formats:
  • Click here to download the Features Comparison Matrix in pdf format
  • Click here to download the matrix in Excel format
Designing for good cntent management: Tips and Tricks
This one-page pdf document provides a simple set of Tips and Tricks related to graphic design for a content-managed web site.  This document is a great reference tool not only for designers, but also for clients implementing content management systems who want to ensure that their graphic designer is maximizing their use of the CMS.  Click here to download the Tips and Tricks for Content Management Design document.

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