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If it's not a user function, it doesn't count.
Content management providers have a habit of trotting out very similar lists of functionality, which makes the task of differentiating confusing.  To greatly simplify the task of choosing, ask each content management provider which of their functions are user functions.  Of the user functions, analyze closely to see if people in your organization are qualified to accomplish these tasks.  The alternative to content managment is custom programming, so if a CMS process requires technical magic, how is it true content management?  Click here to download an excellent resource for evaluating content management vendors.

"At the end of the day, if changes to your web site require programmers and designers then why buy a content management system in the first place."

With Aquifer, all the processes around creating/changing, debuting/expiring, and approving/rejecting content and pages are user functions.  These functions are well-designed, so your organization can complete these tasks with ease.

Content management - not content maintenance.
Many CMS applications call themselves content management systems but they are actually "content maintenance" systems.  The distinction is this:

Content maintenance systems allow users to change existing content on existing pages.  This is fine for maintaining the status quo on existing web sites -- an objective that far underreaches what is now possible and misses the boat entirely with respect to your ROI.

Aquifer accomplishes the content maintenance processes you'd expect, but then goes much further.  We empower the "intelligent but non-technical" emplyees within your organization to expand and contract the company web site at will, based on the businesses needs, not on your budget.  For example, the products division needs a new section of the web site to support an upcoming event or a new product launch?  With Aquifer the task can be completed by the employees directly responsible for the contents creation, eliminating the participation of a valuable resource such as a programmer or designer.   This process allows those individuals to work on projects which are income driven thus driving dollars straight to the bottom line.

Preserve the integrity of the corporate image.
Your organization has spent valuable time and energy communicating its business values and vision with a communications partner.  This effort translated into the development of a professional look and feel for your site.  Content management systems using full WYSIWYG editors permit your employees to modify content that circumvents this design, thus allowing font faces, styles, and colors never intended by your communications partner.  This creates a doubling of effort on the organizations part.  The organization must now spend additional dollars correcting mistakes which should have been avoided thus reducing the effectivness of the tool and waisting valuable resources.  Resources which should be used on more mission critical income based activities.

Aquifer enforces strict use of templates and stylesheets.  The application displays text-editing tools your employees need (bold, italics, bullets, embed link, embed image, etc.), but restricts your employees from making inappropriate font and color choices.  Thus, eliminating the time consuming activity of checking and then rechecking simple web content updates.  These wasted dollars contribute directly to your bottom line.

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