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The Enterprise edition is our flagship product in the Aquifer offering.  It provides distributed content entry with no knowledge of HTML required, multi-tiered content approval, reusable content, content expiration, a web-enabled interface and tremendous flexibility in the way content displays.

The following is a list of the many standard features included in the purchase of an Enterprise edition.

  • Intuitive administrative interface for an unlimited number of users.
  • Management of an Unlimited number of sites.
  • Written with proven technologies from Microsoft utilizing ASP and SQL Server.
  • Spell checking and Thesaurus included with the editor.
  • Windows NT Domain, Windows 2000 Active Directory, or SQL security model.
  • Reuse content on multiple pages and multiple sites
  • Page creation is a non-technical function.
  • Completely dynamic driven web site.  Pages, content and navigation update instantly.
  • Built-in robust workflow which is simple to implement.
  • Content, page and site debut and expiration capability.
  • "My Aquifer" feature places tasks at the fingertips of the user.
  • Forums module makes available the creation and maintanence of an unlimited number of stranded discussions.
  • Versioning feature permits the unlimited rollback of content and files.
  • Recycle library allows for retrieval of deleted content and files.
  • HTML output conforms to the W3 version 4.01 standard.

Aquifer Enterprise is an out-of-the-box platform for managing an unlimited number of internets, intranets and extranets.  One of the many highlights of the software is its ability to share content securely across all three varieties of web sites or e-business initiatives.  With the Enterprise edition there is no need to duplicate your effort.  Update 1 or 100 extranets in just one step.  It's fast, it's fluid and it's simple.

For further information concerning Aquifer CMS Enterprise edition please contact Brian Feldman at 713-521-9574 or toll free at 877-806-1274.  You can also email him at

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