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Return On Investment
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Investment - the creation of value through the use of capital. When you invest in Aquifer, that is exactly what you can expect.  The return on your investment can be determined by examining both the hard and soft costs associated with not using Aquifer, as well as the increased productivity and profitability associated with implementing Aquifer.

Determining ROI for CMS
When determining ROI for a content management system you should look at the cost savings that can be obtained through the use of the system, the improved productivity that will be realized in your organization, and the value of timely, accurate information to your target audiences.  Organizations typically find benefits in the following areas:
  • Lower costs to maintain and deploy websites
  • Streamlined business processes
  • Stronger brand image
  • Increased communications with target audiences
  • Self-service access to information
  • Decreased phone and mailing costs
  • Integrated marketing and web initiatives
  • Potential new business opportunities

With AquiferCMS, these and other benefits are easily obtainable.

The Aquifer way to ROI
For a fraction of the cost of other communication methods, Aquifer provides you with an excellent return on investment by increasing your effective utilization of enterprise capital and improving the productivity of scarce IT resources.  Since adding pages and content are non-technical, business drivers and creativity can dictate your web presence, not budget constraints.  Here are a few ways that Aquifer can ensure that you:
  • Place content back in the hands of creators regardless of technical skills
  • Dramatically reduce time to web of all internal and external communications.
  • Free up your precious IT resources for mission critical tasks, not data entry
  • Maximize efficiency and collaboration across your organization. 
  • Lower your Total Cost of Ownership for all web related projects.

With versions and investment models designed to meet each businesses needs and budget, your company deserves to invest in Aquifer CMS.

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