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Total Cost of Ownership
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Total Cost of Ownership

Total cost of ownership (TCO) is the total cost of a Content Management System throughout its lifecycle, from investment to maintenance to enhancements. The goal of TCO analysis is to minimize the overall investments associated with your web initiatives.

Total Cost of Ownership is the combination of the hard and soft costs of owning a Content Management System. Hard costs include items such as the price of the software, implementation fees, upgrades, maintenance & support contracts and initial training fees. Even more important in most instances, are the 'soft' costs related to management, support, on going training, hidden costs, and downtime. Because they don't occur upfront, they are often overlooked in budgeting.

AquiferCMS eliminates or reduces many of the soft-costs associated with communicating through the internet, intranets and/or extranets.  This reduction in long-term costs combined with Aquifer's reasonable price tag make Aquifer the low TCO solution for your content management needs.

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