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“Content managed sites are becoming the new Web standard. Companies want the ability to maintain their own sites and keep them fresh with adherence to graphic standards. Savage Design Group has created several Web sites utilizing Aquifer CMS because it is stable and robust, with workflow built-in. It's an affordable solution that brings value to all companies, large and small.”

Paula Savage

Savage Design

“Aquifer was chosen over SiteForge, Infovine, and Interwoven's TeamSite because of the flexibility of the system, content was generated dynamically, and there were over 14 pre-defined content types.”  

“I am confident we saved money in working with such a hands on dedicated team of professionals at Aquifer who were committed to our project.  Our implementation was complete within months of content creation.”

“Aquifer was the best investment decision we made in the website deployment project for the Houston Zoo!”

Katherine Craig
Director of Interactive Marketing

The Houston Zoo

"AquiferCMS is an integral part of our continued efforts to lower our Total Cost of Ownership on our web related initiatives."

"Liquid Development and AquiferCMS are key elements in our continued efforts to maximize our internal and external web presence."

Miles Holsworth
Chief Technology Officer

Locke Liddell & Sapp
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