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Allied Mortgage
Custom Application Development

Allied Home Mortgage Capital Corporation is the largest U.S. privately held mortgage banker/mortgage broker, with 700 offices in 49 states, Guam and the Virgin Islands. Allied is approved with over 700 investors with several thousand programs and innovative partnerships have allowed it to deliver customized products to each borrower. Combined with the energy of branch managers who have the freedom to respond to local market conditions, Allied has experienced sequential double-digit growth since it was founded in 1991.

With over $15 billion in loan experience and having handled as much as 12,000 loans per month, Allied Home Mortgage Capital Corporation (AHMCC) has the experience, background and strength as a major force in lending nationwide. The AHMCC staff of professionals, with over 5,400 years of experience collectively, is committed to the doctrine of service to customer with extensive administrative and product assistance.

The advantage of using a mortgage broker like AHMCC is that we stay well informed on current trends and shop the lending market, offering you greater conveniences, more choices, and quicker loan approval.

Association of Professional Design Firms
Aquifer One-site

Founded in 1985, the Association of Professional Design Firms [APDF] is comprised of leading firms that specialize in identity, communication, package, new media, industrial and commercial interior design. Our point of difference from other design organizations is our emphasis on design as a business.

The APDF strives to work together with leading design firm principals to elevate the business acumen of the firms and the value of the services they provide. We do so by the open exchange of information, creation of opportunities to share and learn, and distribution of useful and pertinent business data.

APDF has a responsibility to the design industry to elevate the value of the services its members provide. We will foster the appreciation for the market value, marketing power and the cultural enrichment of design.

APDF will support the emergence of the next generation of designers and design firms, assisting them with financial and informational support programs.

Baylor College of Medicine
Custom Application Development

ICC (Intercultural Cancer Council) fundraiser information management project

The Intercultural Cancer Council (ICC), according to their web site, “promotes policies, programs, partnerships, and research to eliminate the unequal burden of cancer among racial and ethnic minorities and medically underserved populations in the United States and its associated territories.” This nonprofit organization, managed through Baylor College of Medicine, saw that a wealth of information about its volunteers and donors was not being gathered or utilized.

Liquid Development worked with Obsidian Technical Communications and Baylor College of Medicine to determine the exact requirements of a web-enabled application that would allow ICC affiliates across the U.S. to share and better utilize this valuable information.

The ICC web site went live in 2000, giving ICC supporters the capability of joining the organization using Liquid Development functionality on the site and giving ICC representatives capabilities on the backend of using the resulting contact list for targeted mailings that keep their contacts informed and more fully utilized.

Consolidated Graphics, Inc.
Aquifer One-site

Consolidated Graphics is one of the nation’s leading sheetfed, web and digital commercial printing companies. With 65 printing facilities covering 25 states, we’re the superior source for printing and more.

They specialize in producing high-quality print materials for a diverse and growing customer base. Their customers include small enterprises as well as some of the largest and most recognized national companies.

Founded in 1985, Consolidated Graphics is headquartered in Houston, Texas. The Company’s stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol CGX.

Custom Application Development

Container-Care International (CCI) has served the intermodal industry since 1968 throughout the United States and since 1994 in Mexico. CCI offers its customers the full range of depot services, including storage, handling, repair, and transportation, while stocking one of the largest inventories of used and new intermodal equipment for sale or rent.

CCI has facilities in 10 locations throughout the United States and 3 locations in Mexico, along with our newest facility serving Joliet, Illinois. By serving such a wide network, CCI is in an unparalleled position to provide our customers with a consistent and efficient level of service.

We service a wide range of customers including container leasing companies, steamship lines, railroads, freight forwarders, and over-the-road trucking companies. The CCI brand of quality workmanship and dedicated customer service can serve you as a valuable asset management platform.

The Council on Alcohol and Drugs Houston
Aquifer One-site

The mission of The Council is to keep our community healthy, productive and safe by providing services and information to all who may be adversely affected by alcohol and drugs. The vision of The Council is a metropolitan Houston in which substance abuse is no longer a major community problem; all people who experience alcohol, drug or related problems have access to effective, affordable services that address their needs; and that individuals and organizations shrug off the shame and stigma currently attached to substance abuse.

In 2003, The Council served more than 263,000 children, women and men. The Council remains on the front lines, supporting those in need of help with drug and alcohol problems.

303 Jackson Hill Street
Houston, Texas 77007

Energy Transfer / Oasis Pipeline
Custom Application Development

Energy Transfer's natural gas operations include approximately 6,500 miles of natural gas gathering and transportation pipelines with an aggregate throughput capacity of 3.8 billion cubic feet of natural gas per day, with natural gas treating and processing assets located in Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana.

Energy Transfer's primary transmission assets include Oasis Pipeline, an intrastate natural gas pipeline that runs from the Permian Basin in west Texas to natural gas supply and market areas in southeast Texas, and ultimately to the Katy Hub; the Energy Transfer Fuel system (formerly the TUFCO assets) which is an intrastate transmission system that extends from west Texas across north and East Texas and extending south near Houston (this system includes storage facilities located at the Bethel Hub); the ETC Katy Pipeline (Bossier) system which links the east Texas assets of Energy Transfer Fuel to the Oasis Pipeline system and the ETC Texas Pipeline which links the central Texas assets of Energy Transfer Fuel to the Oasis Pipeline system.

Energy Transfer's stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol ETP.

Custom Web Development

Founded in 1919, Halliburton is one of the world's largest providers of products and services to the oil and gas industries. The Company adds value through the entire lifecycle of oil and gas reservoirs and provides and integrates products and services, starting with exploration and development, moving through production, operations, maintenance, conversion and refining, to infrastructure and abandonment. Halliburton employs more than 100,000 people in over 120 countries working in five major operating groups:

Halliburton's Energy Services Group consists of four business segments:

  •  Drilling and Formation Evaluation
  •  Fluids
  •  Production Optimization
  •  Landmark and Other Energy Services

These segments offer a broad array of products and services to upstream oil and gas customers worldwide, ranging from the manufacturing of drill bits and other downhole and completion tools and pressure pumping services to subsea engineering.

Halliburton's stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol HAL.

Holocaust Museum - Come Join the Human Race
Custom Web Development

Our Mission
The mission of Holocaust Museum Houston is to promote awareness of the dangers of prejudice, hatred, and violence against the backdrop of the Holocaust, which claimed the lives of millions of Jews and other innocent victims. By fostering Holocaust remembrance, understanding, and education, the Museum will educate students as well as the general population about the uniqueness of that event and its ongoing lesson: that humankind must learn to live together in peace and harmony.

The Museum
Charged with educating students and the public about the dangers of prejudice and hatred in society, Holocaust Museum Houston opened its doors in March of 1996. Since that time, impassioned notes, poems, artwork, and other gifts, from school children and adults alike, attest to the life-changing thoughts generated by just one visit to this unique facility.

The Houston Endowment
Custom Application Development

Jesse and Mary Gibbs Jones understood that they would prosper only if their community thrived, and from the time they married in 1920 until they established Houston Endowment, Inc. in 1937, the couple donated more than $1 million to help establish and develop institutions and organizations that would nurture Houston's people and encourage the city's growth.

During 1938, Houston Endowment's first full year of operation, the foundation donated $14,687, of which $11,285 went to schools and colleges. Soon after World War II, Mr. Jones began transferring his businesses and buildings to Houston Endowment and by 1948, the foundation was contributing more than $200,000 each year to a variety of charitable organizations. At the time of Mr. Jones's death in 1956, Houston Endowment's Chairman Fred Heyne reported to a colleague, "Since its inception...we have assisted more than 4,000 students with their education through scholarships established in 57 colleges and universities. We have made total grants for all purposes in excess of $7,600,000."

By the mid 1950s, Houston Endowment owned many prominent buildings and businesses in Houston, Fort Worth and New York City. In response to the Tax Reform Act of 1969, the foundation began selling its businesses and buildings and investing the proceeds in securities. The sale of the Houston Chronicle to the Hearst Corporation in 1987 completed this process. Over the years, Houston Endowment's assets have grown to approximately $1.4 billion, enabling the foundation to donate more than $70 million annually to help fulfill the Joneses' vision of a healthy, vibrant community.

Houston Zoo
Aquifer One-site

The future looks brighter for the Houston Zoo than at any time in its 81 year history. Recently privatized and under new leadership, the Zoo prepares to meet the challenges and responsibilities of a twenty-first century zoo.

Future exhibits will be habitat based presenting wildlife in naturalistic surroundings. Visitors will be immersed in a rich and interactive landscape, which will inspire them to care about conservation and the wise stewardship of our planet. Future Zoo exhibits will encourage care and compassion for all living things by changing people’s attitudes and values about wildlife and wild places. Read the Director's full address...

Integrated Electrical Services
Aquifer Multi-site

IES is a premier provider of electrical and communications contracting solutions to the commercial and industrial, residential and service markets. IES has more than 170 locations across the U.S., and more than 13,000 skilled service professionals.

IES’ diverse expertise and national presence allows us to provide effective solutions for our customers. Our business units have diverse areas of expertise and are linked by the common strategy of providing better solutions for our customers.

Founded in 1997, IES is headquartered in Houston, Texas. The Company’s stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol IES.

Lacks Furniture
Custom Application Development

Lacks Ad Management Application


Lacks, with 38 retail stores, is one of the largest independently-owned retail furniture chains in the United States. Lacks regularly advertises its sales in newspapers in the areas surrounding its store locations. Current sys for managing ads is outdated, buggy, and slow.

Web-enabled software tool accessible thru their intranet to manage sale-related data, including sale prices, ads, and the newspapers they’re advertising in.

Streamlined their ad management process and the process for getting pricing data into their sales system.
Nabors Industries LTD
Aquifer Multi-site

The Nabors companies own and operate almost 600 land drilling and 970 land workover and well-servicing rigs worldwide. Offshore, Nabors operates 44 platforms, 17 jack-ups, and three barge rigs in the domestic and international markets. Nabors markets 30 marine transportation and support vessels, primarily in the US Gulf of Mexico. In addition, Nabors manufactures top drives and drilling instrumentation systems and provides comprehensive oilfield hauling, engineering, civil construction, logistics and facilities maintenance, and project management services. Nabors participates in most of the significant oil, gas and geothermal markets in the world.

Contract Drilling
Nabors is the largest drilling contractor in the world, conducting oil, gas and geothermal land drilling operations in the US Lower 48 states, Alaska, Canada and internationally in more than 20 additional countries. Nabors is also one of the largest well-servicing, workover and production services contractors in the US through Pool Well Services Co., in Canada through Nabors Production Services and in select international markets.  Nabors also provides offshore workover and drilling rigs in the Gulf of Mexico and international markets.

Manufacturing and Logistics
Nabors provides leading-edge top drives through its Canrig subsidiary that enhance heavy-duty and horizontal drilling performance.  Epoch instrumentation and software systems and Ryan Energy directional drilling services are recognized among the most advanced in the drilling industry.  Sea Mar Division of Pool Well Services Co. is a leading supplier of marine transportation and supply vessels, primarily in the Gulf of Mexico.

Nabors Industries LTD stock is traded on the American Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol NBR.

National Oilwell
Custom Application Development

IT Budget Tracking Application

National Oilwell utilized a well-known enterprise resource planning (ERP) package for its budgeting functionality. However, the IT department was interested in creating a web-enabled budgeting package that was very simple to use and would allow the IT department to track budgets from appropriation through purchase order through goods receipt.

Liquid Development, and our partner Obsidian Technical Communications, worked with National Oilwell to develop web-based functionality to support its IT goal of simple budget tracking functionality available through a standard browser. We developed a detailed database map, project plan, and a look and feel for the site, including site layout and menu structure.

Changes in the makeup of the NO team responsible for this project have altered the implementation plan somewhat. At this point, the application is under National Oilwell review, and we anxiously await its successful implementation.

Page Parkes Center of Modeling and Acting
Custom Application Development

Modeling School Management Software

When Page Parkes, the largest model and talent agency in the Southwest, discovered their Modeling School program was not year 2000 compliant they contacted Liquid Development for help.

With a little over three months before the turn of the century, there was no time to waste. Liquid Development stepped up to the plate and took on the challenge to completely redevelop the modeling school application. Our consultants worked furiously to define the requirements, develop the system, and deploy the application on the tight schedule.

On December 6, 1999 the Page Parkes Modeling School Application went live enabling the modeling school to continue with business as usual into the year 2000 and beyond. The Agency has been so impressed with the ease of use and efficiencies gained in the new system that they had Liquid Development expand the capabilities of the system by adding scheduling functionality and continue talking with us about developing additional modules.
Puffer Sweiven
Aquifer One-site

Puffer-Sweiven is a leading solutions provider for process control and flow control. We serve several industries including Oil and Gas, Refining, Petro-chemicals, Utilities, Power and Pulp Paper. We also provide products and services to the Engineering Contractors who serve these industries.  Annually we conduct business with over 5,000 customers. The company was founded in 1945 by Ken Puffer and Bud Sweiven.  We currently have 400 employees serving 15 offices in the U.S and Latin America.  Our headquarters are located in Stafford Texas.   All employees share in the company results through a pension/profit sharing plan with an average employee tenure of over 11 years.

The company offers a broad base of superior solutions by working only with the top product lines for a given application.

Tetra Technologies
Aquifer Multi-site

TETRA Technologies, Inc. is an oil and gas services company whose products and services enhance oil and gas production upon well completion and facilitate well abandonment and platform decommissioning. In addition, TETRA has an integrated calcium chloride and brominated products operation that supplies feedstocks for its completion fluids business as well as for other markets. The Company is a market leader in each of its core businesses: Fluids, Well Abandonment & Decommissioning and Production Enhancement. TETRA is dedicated to serving its strong and diverse customer base, which includes most of the major multinational exploration and production companies, many of the large and midsized independents and a number of smaller producers.

Headquartered in The Woodlands, Texas, TETRA conducts business in the United States, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Finland, Norway, the Netherlands, Venezuela, Brazil, the Middle East, West Africa,and other areas of the world.

Tetra Technologies stock is traded on the Nasdaq under the ticker symbol TTEK.

Unilev Capital Management
Custom Application Development

"We at Unilev stand behind our philosophy of 'Prudent Performance' through skilled analysis, diligence in property selection, and minimized risk for targeted return."

Prudent Performance
We are dedicated to our company philosophy of Prudent Performance that can be traced to the quality of our staff, our most significant asset. We are professionally dedicated to the success of each venture. Our real estate knowledge and expertise are directed towards the careful analysis, evaluation, acquisition and effective management of every asset. We strive to make every investment a wise and successful one.

Risk vs. Reward
Our primary objective is to acquire well-located income producing properties based on actual performance, preferably with both near-term or long-term upside, rather than solely speculative returns. We perform substantial property and market preliminary due diligence to avoid potential downside associated with current market conditions. With this objective in mind, we can manage and minimize risk to assure preservation of capital, predictable cash distributions, and through sound management and leasing, further promote the appreciation of property values.

Westin Diplomat Resort - A Starwood Hotel
Aquifer ASP

The 998-room Westin Diplomat Resort and Spa is a sight to behold, rising 39 stories above the Atlantic Ocean. Its bold architecture, comprised of art deco curves and lines, recalls the hotel's illustrious past. Ideally situated between two international airports and the top two passenger ports-of-call, once inside, you'll marvel at the lobby's soaring 60-foot atrium ceiling of glass, unlike anything else in the Southeast.

The Westin Diplomat Resort is a world all its own, and the activities, services, and offerings abound. The hotel is conveniently located in Hollywood Florida, between Fort Lauderdale and Miami and is easy to get to from any of the major airports. Local restaurants, nightlife, attractions and shopping are all a short ride away, and we even have a marina if you choose to come by boat.

The hotel is state of the art, and was built with all the modern conveniences you would expect, and with the highest standards in mind for safety and security. Additionally, we are proud to have advanced technology which provides high speed Internet access, on command television with wireless keyboard and gaming, in room safe’s large enough to hold a laptop and much more.

Starwood Hotels and Resorts is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol HOT.

World Wide Machinery
Custom Application Development

Intranet - Sales Lead Management
Intranet - Inventory Management

Worldwide Machinery, a global supplier of heavy construction equipment, was looking for an efficient way to manage their database of 100,000+ sales leads and contacts.

Looking for help, Worldwide turned to Liquid Development for a solution. Liquid was able to move the data out of the old client/server system and onto the Internet. Once the data was moved to the web, Liquid created a custom interface that allows the sales staff to track their contact with potential clients, assign potential clients to sales staff, run reports on the information and many other key functions.

This new Contact Database has resulted in an increase in sales and productivity from the salespeople, and has enabled Worldwide to better understand who their potential customers are and where they come from. Now that the sales are piling up, Worldwide has contracting Liquid Development to custom design an inventory tracking and quoting system to transform their company from a paper pushing organization to a key punching corporation.
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