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Web NOW!
Web NOW! For Small and Medium-Sized Businesses Now Available

(Houston, Texas)  The developers of Aquifer™, unveil Web Now!™, America’s first leasing plan that lets smaller businesses gain access to the high powered and full featured web content management automation that larger companies now take for granted.  Web NOW! subscribers can pay as little as $1000 up front to gain access to web site automation facilitating unlimited content changes by unlimited numbers of users to unlimited numbers of related sites that are the hallmark of the Aquifer Content Management System (CMS). 

David Wallis, a member of the Aquifer Development Team explains, “Generally speaking, the size of a business has little to do with how large or small its needs are for a dynamic web presence and the web content management tools that help one to create such dynamism.  Aquifer is arguably the only full featured CMS that allows a web site facelift to begin in hours and be completed in days, not months or years.  The Aquifer price tag ($30,000 for a single site license; $50,000 for unlimited numbers of related sites) may be out of reach for some smaller companies that are nonetheless in critical need of tools that help them update web content quickly.  Web NOW! reduces upfront costs to $1000 and lets users amortize payments for up to 4 years.  Web NOW! also offers lower-cost CMS hosting options that are important to many small and mid-sized companies. 

Houston-headquartered Liquid Development created Aquifer ( with extensive input from Marketing Communications specialists, IT Managers, Web Designers and others with responsibilities to maintain fresh content on Internet, Intranet, and Extranet sites.  Aquifer is the CMS chosen by the Association of Professional Design Firms to power their public site, as well as the CMS solution chosen by many businesses that market both locally and globally via the Internet.

For a free Aquifer demonstration, for more information on Web NOW! leasing terms and/or other sales inquiries, please contact or call Brian Feldman toll free 877–806–1274.

David Wallis
Liquid Development

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Aquifer Offerings
The Aquifer CMS product line is highly diversified and comes in many flavors.  There is literally something for everyone.

Take your pick from our line-up:

Enterprise Edition
Designed for the heavy demands of Fortune 500 companies and multi-site projects, this Edition is highly scalable with the ability to handle multiple domains and unlimited editors.

Corporate Edition
Designed for the lighter workloads of medium sized companies, this edition is cost effective for the single and multi-domain environment.

Standard Edition
Designed for the lighter workloads of small sized businesses and non-profits, this edition is cost effective for single or dual domain environments.

ASP Edition
This edition was designed for companies requiring the power of Aquifer without the hassle of hosting, maintaining or securing a web infrastructure.  The ASP edition is available in Standard, Corporate and Enterprise editions.

For more information call Liquid Development at 877.806.1274 or Click here for a demo.

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