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Traemand Installation Services

Houston – July 4, 2005 Traemand Installation Services launches their new web site.  The web site was designed from the ground up to draw customers into the Traemand experience.  The site offers visitors FAQ’s on what to look for in an installer as well as general questions concerning cabinet installation.  Users can enter their zip code and instantly discover if Traemand services their area.  After determining service, visitors can easily schedule on-site measurement and design services.  The site also features an extensive photo gallery of Traemand’s work.

Liquid Development, a web application firm, handled every aspect of the sites design, production and creation.  The staff worked closely with Traemand to create a site designed to attract new business and provide a wealth of information to both current customers and future prospects.

“We chose Liquid Development because they spoke the language of business,” says Stephen Boane, of Traemand  Installation Services.  “While other firms I spoke with asked me what colors I liked, Liquid Development asked me what I wanted to achieve with the site; what was my end result, my goal and how would I measure its success?  It immediately struck me that this company understood business goals.  I was sold.  The team at Liquid Development worked with us to create a web environment that shapes and directs our web traffic.  We couldn’t be more pleased.”

“Traemand came to us with a fairly typical site,” said David Wallis, President of Liquid Development. “It’s what we call brochureware.  Very little engineering went into the old site.  We began our process by asking Stephen what Traemand’s goals were for the site.  Once we knew their goals we easily tailored the design, navigation and message to meet those expectations.”

Traemand is the largest certified installer of IKEA cabinets in North America. Their installers use specialized European techniques learned in Scandinavia, the home of frameless, IKEA cabinetry. These proprietary assembly and installation methods make a real difference in both the appearance and durability or your installation.

Liquid Development is a Houston based software and web development company with a focus on creating custom business applications, web sites, and offering web site services. Liquid Development has been in business since 1999 and has a proven track record of success and customer satisfaction since its inception. Liquid Development has done so by remaining client focused and by exceeding its clients’ expectations.

David Wallis
Liquid Development

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