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Wagner Media goes live with dynamic rentals

The speed of change in the wholesale rental world of large venue projection is staggering.  New products are announced everyday and companies like Wagner Media, recognized leaders in their field, are expected to understand and introduce these new technologies.

Wayne Wagner turned to Liquid Development for help.  Liquid Development met with Wayne Wagner and began the process of discovery.  What we discovered was very typical of the industry today.  Static web sites are cumbersome, costly and profoundly inefficient.  “The industry of web design is in flux.  Many design companies are finding that they are wholly unprepared for the dynamic needs of today’s sophisticated customer”, says David Wallis, President of Liquid Development.  “Today’s informed customer understands the cost associated with static updates and customers are demanding tools to cut these costs.”  What Liquid Development did was use components derived from it's AquiferCMS line of products and gave Wagner Media the ability to make their own changes to the rental side of the web site.

“What they (Liquid Development) did was empower my staff,” says Wayne Wagner.  “We can now take any of our e-commerce products and with two or three clicks we can place them on our rental pages.  We have full control over the pricing levels, specifications, descriptions, images, and menu placement.  When new products come to market we can add them in a matter of minutes.  When pricing changes happen we can change them from anywhere in the world.  The freedom is empowering.”  Wagner Media was so pleased, they are now planning the second phase of the project which includes automated online rentals and online rental inventory inquiry.

Wagner Media is a leading supplier of large venue projection systems to the wholesale event industry, corporate fortune 1000 industry, scientific and research industry and non-profit associations though out North America.  Visit them on-line for all your projection needs at or contact them at 1-877-778-7077.


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