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The Aquifer CMS team offers the full range of implementation services for the Aquifer product offering.  Please take a look at the details below.

Structure catalogs and apply security
The Aquifer implementation manager works with the client manager to finalize the site map.  Based on this finalized document and our further discussions with the client, we create the necessary supporting catalog structure in the Aquifer libraries and apply security and workflow to these catalogs. 

Integrate templates and stylesheets from designer
An Aquifer CMS technical resource will work with the designer to integrate templates into the configuration area of your Aquifer.  The Aquifer technical resource is responsible for ensuring that the templates in Aquifer mirror the design templates.  We utilize an iterative sign-off process with the designer and with the client manager to ensure that the first template meets all specifications.  Once the first template is integrated to sign-off level, all subsequent templates are implemented and the sign-off process is initiated again.

Input approved content
The Aquifer implementation manager works with the client manager to create a Content Report.  This report indicates all known web site pages and the blocks of content anticipated on each page.  Once content is complete, it is input into your Aquifer implementation.  Once each block is input into Aquifer, it is marked off of the Content Report.  This report is available for client review at any time and regularly accompanies your status report.  If you require branding, content creation and design your Aquifer implementation manager can put you touch with one of our many partners.  We partner with the top communications firms in the area and will happily bring them to the project. 

Create pages
The Aquifer CMS team creates all pages as specified in the site map.  We apply templates and stylesheets, place content on the pages, and then approve them to publish level.  The Content Report is constantly updated to indicate which pages have been made.  The site-in-development is available at all times for client review.

Regularly audit for quality and consistency
The Aquifer implementation manager regularly audits the site-in-development for quality and consistency.  A member of your Aquifer CMS team is designated to quality and control.  It is this members job to verify any inconsistencies.  Any issues identified will be raised to the client, as appropriate and included as part of the weekly status report.

Provide weekly project status reports
Status reports are provided on a weekly basis.  We recommend a regular conference call to go over the contents of the status report.  Regular, weekly project status checks are critical to the smooth functioning of the project.  Our status reports are customized to meet the needs of our clients, but most indicate current project status, accomplishments during the current reporting period, and goals for the next period.  They also feature concerns (issues) and input required from the client to keep the project moving forward as indicated in the project plan.

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